Written by: Bangsamoro Government

59476257 452084055620058 921009179181711360 oThe Bangsamoro autonomous region through its Ministry of Health has launched the regional office of the National Nutrition Council on Monday morning, May 6.
The nutrition council aims to help alleviate malnutrition and hunger as well as improve the nutrition situation in the region.
Abdullah Cusain, assistant executive secretary who represented the Chief Minister Murad Ebrahim said that the Bangsamoro government is committed to support all the stakeholders in reducing malnutrition among children in the region.
The Bangsamoro government, Cusain said that "investing in the health of every child is investing in the better tomorrow for the Bangsamoro people."
Dr. Saffrullah Dipatuan, minister of health, noted that addressing the nutritional challenges is one of the priority focus of this administration.
"We must have concerted efforts to combat malnutrition in the region," Dr. Dipatuan said.